How to choose a backpack

So what materials are used mainly for backpacks?

  • tarpaulin;
  • leather;
  • eco leather;
  • canvas fabric;
  • synthetic materials - nylon, polyester.

The most common backpacks are made of synthetic materials. Leather and eco-leather are high-quality, but expensive materials, and tarp and canvas fabric are not suitable for all occasions. Therefore, people choose more practical and inexpensive materials.
In order to successfully choose the material, consider your interests, the purpose of the product, age and even gender. Agree that for female students, a practical canvas backpack is not a very good purchase. And a fisherman or hunter hardly needs an expensive leather backpack with a stylish clasp.
If we are guided by high-quality technical indicators, then a canvas backpack is considered a reliable and durable product. The great thing about nylon and polyester is that they are lightweight, durable and durable.

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